How to identify a Leader?

It’s really a messy thing to identify a leader at any level because one bad apple can spoil the bunch. A capable leader have many traits in possession. There are a few things to consider before choosing a leader.

They are on TIME,

If we have to start with the basics trait then nothing is more important than puncuality. It has more to do with time, it always reflecting a persons commitment towards whatever the task they are undertaking. Time management is one of the best attributes. This attribute is not easily set by everyone. Those who have a schedule will take priority over it and act accordingly.


We all had, at some point, experienced worst meeting scenarios, where no person had to say anything, even a simple yes or no would be hard to come by. But a leader has always something to say. They speak, they interact, they question everything. They ask a lot of questions without hesitation, No matter what kind of crowd they are in, they don’t hesitate to ask their questions, Often it will be a reflection of the thoughts of others,.

They say NO,

Now this is bit a tricky thing, when a person says no often we tend to label them as a rebel. But a good leader is always ready to say NO to the things that they feel inappropriate. Most people fail in the art of saying no, but the leaders are capable of handling it without offending others.


Not everyone willing to come forward and take up the task, Leaders will be the one who volunteers and takes action. They have a tendency to associate themselves with others.


They will take part in all opportunities to learn. Whatever new thing is started, they will participate and contribute the learnings in the organization.

And they SHARE..They are not hesitate to pass the knowledge they have learned to others.


Theye develop a attitude of gratitude, and they never shy away to appreciate others. The share unpredjudiced happyness of others success.

They CARE,

They have genuine care about everyone. Not only the work place issues , they have a concern over others personal issues and their well-beings.

They are not Mediocore

They never settle with medicore results, they expect more challenges and hate things to left undone.

Being a leader is never a easy task, it’s a long term investment of ones commitment and responsibility. Identifying the one takes  huge effort and in the end that will pay off.

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