How to increase website traffic?

After building a website increasing traffic to website is biggest task to achieve. There are some methods that will give a genuine traffic to your websites. These things work very effectively.


Content is the key to success. Write content with your own words. Never do copy/paste things. Be informative. Choose the topic in which you have some knowledge to share. Write what are the things that trending in the society. You can find trending issues in Facebook trending and Twitter trending. Best articles definitely receive many likes and shares and then you need nothing to do for traffic. Shares and likes do it for you.

Keyword clouds:

When writing article be sure that you are mix keywords in to it. Mention some talking points about your content. For Example: If you are writing about movie, write some famous things about that movie which recently occurs. If any person involved in some controversies in recent days you can mention that event to grab some attention. Give some brief mentions about the artists and technicians from the movie. That names and incidents that you mention surely make some attention.

Use social media’s:

Social media’s can give much views to your website if you use it well. . Enable social media sharing and like buttons in your site. Share your contents in Facebook, Google+ and twitter. Create pages in Facebook, Google+and Twitter for your sites. Gain more like for pages that will help your contents to reach many people. If you have photo contents you can share it to Instagram to improve your sites attention.

Use Stumble Upon, Scoop It, Hubspot :

There is lot of sites available to share your contents. Stumble Upon, Scoop It are that kind of platforms. Sharing content is very easy in these platforms. Just create your account and when you publish content in your site just share the URL of that content in these platforms. It will definitely increase traffic. Hubspot is little different you can’t simply share your URL’s. You have to write complete article. In that article you can give links. Use it careful Hubspot scan your articles seriously. Use it well for better result.

Guest Blogging:

Always search for blogging community. Many sites allow guest blogging. Use those opportunity to make some contacts. You can give referral URL’s too. If guest posts are good you will receive some good traffic. Find good guest blogging platforms and makes use of it.


Backlinks are the links that points to your website from different sources. Backlinks are one of the effective way to gain more traffic. When setting comment backlink do not go out of topic. Comments must be proper and relate to the topics and give links only if you have related content about that topic. Don’t spam links.

Give good description:

Write best description about your blog. Use META tag descriptions and META keywords for your blogs. Write search description for every individual post that will appear in search results will able to attract the readers. Automatic URL’s usually extract from your title of the post. You can give custom permalinks to your post. Give custom permalinks that contains keywords. Use these simple things that will add some advantages for your website traffic.

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